Be a Warrior , Slay Giants …Even in the fire.

As my life spins out of control I can’t help but feel like my mind is going crazy at times. I feel like I’ve been afflicted in every area of my life. From my face and acne breaking out to taking care of my dad, to wondering if he’s about to die, to worrying about his mental state, to making sure he’s eating, to trying to get the business launched, to speaking, to practicing with my speaking coach, to battling my mental walls, to take everything and not internalize it, to making sure I exercise, to not procrastinating and battling the obstacle of completion. I feel like I’m a war. War with my mind, war with my brain, war with my time, and war with the enemy .

I’m in the fire of life and it feels like hell. This hell keeps getting hotter. I feel like Job . You know Job, the man in the bible that lost all he had, the devil tormented everything he touched Job lost everything he had, he lost his family, his land, his cattle, his riches, his friends, his respect and his dignity. Job went through the fire. I wonder if Job ever felt like quitting, like throwing in the towel, and saying “Okay God you can just take me now.”

I wonder if Job had to do affirmations every morning when he started being afflicted . No one ever talks about Jobs mental state. I wonder if Job had acne? No one ever talks about Job’s emotional health in all of this. Job probably cried himself to sleep every night. He probably thought of ways to end his turmoil. But the one thing about Job that kept him through the fire was his faith endurance. Job had to endure all of the fire that was thrown at him and God preserved Job’s faith through the entire process. The process was long, hard, tough, grueling, painful, stupid, disheartening,merciless, aggressive , dangerous, bothersome, pertinent and persistent. But God brought Job out of the fire.

I have faith that God will bring me out of the fire oneday. Just like Job.

So I encourage you to look at your own fire, look at all the things you’re going through, then take a look back at all God has brought you out of. You were made for this fire. I know God will preserve your faith .


What are your hands doing?

“Your thoughts may not have caught up to what your hands are doing”

In business its easy to talk about what we’re doing or what we aspire to do. Less talking , less thinking, less strategizing but what you need is ACTION. What are your hands doing to help you reach your goals and dreams? What actions do you take everyday to get closer to your wants and desires of your career? There’s 24 hours in the day….. How many hours do you dedicate towards your purpose and goals?

“Sometimes you’re going to have to put your hands to work and let your mind catch up later.”

In a world full of anxiety …. The thoughts that you think, the words you say affirm your direction. Sometimes you have to do it AFRAID. Sometimes you’ll have to JUST DO IT. Let your mind race and let the adrenaline flow because you will never know how great you can be until you DO IT.

“When my thoughts start to dominate my actions and start to dominate my opinions … I have to make my hands catch up to what God is saying NOW.”

Are you just busy to be busy or does your events and conferences align with God’s purpose and plan for your heart? The thins He has placed in your heart are not by coincidence . They are your purpose. The late nights you spend thinking about your passions, are not by accident. It is your purpose calling you..

IT’S TIME TO EMBRACE YOUR SEASON. Make your mind catch up to your hands.


I Wanna Talk About Faith

I wanna talk about faith. The truth is people want faith and  want clarity. These two words just don’t go together. Clarity is making things clear for one to see but if things were clear then what would we need  to have faith for?  Faith is a word that holds power but makes the mind uncertain blurring lines and  painting a picture. The quality is blurry. But rather your vision is clear.  People  don’t understand what they can’t see. Faith is BLIND. Do you know what blind faith is?

Blind faith is knowing that you have a gift and trusting that God will place you in the right avenue to operate it in it. Blind faith is knowing you have multiple talents that don’t coincide with one career but trusting that you may have multiple opportunities to use them in your lifetime. Blind faith is seeing everything fall apart around you and still seeing the positive in your life. Blind faith is realizing that its not about where your going but rather WHO IS TAKING YOU THERE.

Faith is a word which has no bounds. No bounds or limitations because the faith that God calls us to have today is the same faith that saved Noah. The same faith that saved the Bartimeaus who was a blind man  that rushed to see Jesus through the crowd.  Christ saw him and said “BECAUSE OF YOUR FAITH..YOU HAVE BEEN MADE WHOLE.”  The same faith that is spoken time and time again in the Bible …WE MUST HAVE TODAY.



DOUBT YOUR DOUBTS.! Faith has the ability to change outcomes. Faith can move mountains.

I wanna talk about faith and the realization you get when others bring the word up in conversation. I wanna talk about the misconstrude connotation of faith in the millenial culture. In our culture they say… SPEAK IT INTO EXISTENCE.  THAT ISN’T FACTS.

FAITH IS KNOWING THAT EVEN IF WHAT I WANT doesn’t happen, God has  BIGGER  and better plans for me.

I want you to be encouraged in the faith to know that God is not going to leave you high and dry. God is working behind the scenes for you. He is working for your good. GREATER IS COMING! The question is …”WILL YOU HAVE FAITH?”


My dad died last Thursday.

My dad died last thursday . Because the Cancer got aggressive.

My dad died last Thursday and Chemotherapy was his fall. He wasn’t in pain. He didn’t suffer.

My dad died last Thursday and he made his last days his best days. He lived . He laughed . He loved.

My dad died last Thursday and I played ball with him for the last time. I got to see his passion and love for the game again. He even threw me the rock.

My dad died last Thursday and I saw him tell me he loved me. He even gave me a hug.

My dad died last Thursday and I told him I loved him for the last time.

My dad died last Thursday and I danced with him for the last time.

My dad died last Thursday and he wasn’t in pain. Multiple Myeloma was the Cancers name.

My dad died last Thursday and went home to be with his mommy and daddy.

My dad died last Thursday . Sometimes I ask God Why? Why did my dad my die last Thursday?

My dad died last Thursday and he left me to tell his legacy.


Celebrate Your Progress!

Don’t be afraid to celebrate the small wins. 

When we have a vision . You might be still progressing towards your goals , but realize the small wins along the way. 

When people speak to you , their either speaking to who you’re afraid to be, who you used to be , who you are or who you’re going to be . 

Categorize them properly. 

Sometimes we can be so afraid of returning to who we were that we don’t embrace who we are now . 

When other speak to “Who you’re afraid to be.” People project things into you by saying things like “ Oh you’re never going to do that . Oh you won’t be able to get there. ” “You don’t have the tenacity. You don’t have the resources. Who do you think you are?” These are insecurities others will impose upon you as you go through life. Know that God says that YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH HIM.

When people speak who we used to be … They will say things like remember the last mistake you made when you did this or did that. Remember how broken this made you last time. You can’t handle all of that , you aren’t made for that, never have been , never will be. When people use your past behavior for your future success .  Because their unaware of  who we’re becoming they throw your past back in your face . So don’t be bound by your past mistakes . 

Who we are now – Sometimes people have been privy to all of your history and the progress you have made , they’ve been able to grow and transcend with you. This relationship can meet you right where you are . That’s amazing that you don’t have to shrink to be in their presence and , they meet you where you are. 

Who you’re going to be – When we’ve experienced disappointments and others commend us on our growth or in our potential, a lot of times it can make us throw that away , so we deflect compliments because we can’t receive when others speak up over our situation.

You may see this version of yourself last. But take inventory of what their saying. When we have a vision for what our life can become… don’t miss the small things.

I love you . I’m rooting for you.



My Dad Was Diagnosed With Cancer Last Week.

A fathers love is like no other. They love and hope to the God above that you will love you like they do. A fathers love is infinite and kind . It never stops or rewinds.

My daddy is my superhero ! He can hustle and work. You see these hands… His hands are like mine. Except their tough and hard like one of a kind. My daddy had 4 jobs, and could catch a lob and ally oop it!

We’re like Bestfriends but never did I ever think that would end.

It was October 31st of All Hallows’ ’ eve and the air was bittersweet with a taste of candy corn as my brain was torn because I was just told that my dad was in the hospital.

I soon came to know that what seemed to be an ordinary blood pressure check turned out to be much more… Multiple Myeloma. A twisted contuition of a word that I had never heard. Much more than that was what the doctor said after …Not knowing of the disaster that would hit me like a ton of bricks.

And yes..It sticks to my heart like super glue feelings made new that the diagnosis for his pain would never sustain , because there was …………no cure. No cure for the pain he was about to endure.

Stage 3. Not 1, Not 2, But 3.

My heart dropped . Shatterred into pieces.

The doctor gave my daddy a death sentence!

Why do bad things happen to good people? If God is so infinite and so loving than why would He give my daddy a death sentence?!

Who will comfort me when I have bad days and make me smile?

Who will protect me when I am defenseless?

Who will watch the Mavs games with me even when they lose?

Who will  walk me down the isle of my wedding day?  And  WHO…. would give me away?

GOD! CAN YOU HEAR ME? IS THIS A TEST? MAYBE ITS A DREAM? Lemme pinch myself… wake up Monica . Wake up !

DAMN this isn’t a dream!!! God what do you want from me?!!!

You see the hardest part about life is you never know…Where the road is going to go.

Faith. A word that is unseen , no bounds , no limit . Nothing can dim it . Faith  tests and perseveres through fear even when your path seems unclear.

Faith is  the only strand of hope I have. A strand …A strand will make you stand and speak …….

even when your knees get weak.



When you feel uncertain about where your heading, it almost like pressure is always on your shoulders. You feel like the whole weight of the world lies on you. Its draining to say the least.

I feel like the moment you give up on your dreams is when you start to procrastinate and your procrastination then leads to settling for where you are. The period between the vision and actual manifestation is actually the hardest period because you can’t see the end. I think that’s the most frustrating part.

There is a peace in our generation when we know the outcome. There is a sense of peace when you know how much time something will take and you’ve seen the desired outcome. Sometimes, seeing is believing and wen we cant see ourselves being the doctor, being the lawyer, being the CEO, it creates uncertainty in our hearts. It creates uncertainty in our mind and I think that’s when the devil attacks us the most.

I want to speak life for you that you won’t be bound by the pressure you’re feeling  day to day. God sees you and He’s working behind the scenes for your good. Faith is not seen but FAITH is required in this season.

Submit your vision to God in prayer and He will make everything clear. I pray for your strength and that you will see full manifestation of what God has for you. Keep thriving friend and remember you have endless potential.